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Use case prioritisation and review

The aim of this project is to engage with the Gateway to Research (GTR) initiative to improve the information exchange between the Research Councils and Higher Education Institutions by developing tools and interfaces to improve both human and machine access to GTR data. In order for this to be successful, it is essential that we find out what those working within HEIs (research managers, researchers, PVCs etc) would find most beneficial.

Following the feedback from our ARMA volunteers on our core use case, the project team compiled a list of further use cases which were triaged for review at our face-to-face meeting in Birmingham at the end of January. Each member of the project team was given 100 ‘pounds’ to assign to the use cases they felt to be the most important and relevant across the selection and a final shortlist was put together from those use cases that gained the most votes. These have now been incorporated into a survey which went out to the ARMA volunteers at the end of last week.

Feedback so far has been fairly positive on the majority of the shortlisted use cases; the next steps are to collate and write up this feedback so that the more detailed use cases can be sent back to the ARMA volunteers for review. Meanwhile, the project team is hoping to start looking at the development side of the project towards the end of this month.


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