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G4HE and IRIOS-2

The project team got together last week for a face-to-face meeting at the (very nice) new HEFCE offices. In addition to a discussion on the Sustainability, Evaluation and Development plans for the project, we were delighted to be able to hear a presentation from Kevin Ginty and Paul Cranner about the IRIOS-2 project.

IRIOS-2 follows on from the IRIOS (Integrated Research Output Systems) project, which produced a proof-of-concept for gathering project data from the RCUK Shared Services Centre and HEI partner IRs, importing it into the UNIS platform as CERIF and linking publications to projects. IRIOS-2 converted IRIOS into a service, including the ability to track open access charges.

The IRIOS-2 project has a great deal of relevance to us at G4HE as the two projects have similar aims; including enabling better collaboration between HEIs and allowing institutions and research councils to reconcile grant status and finance information. It was encouraging to hear all that IRIOS-2 was able to achieve with the NERC and EPSRC data and also to get Kevin and Paul’s thoughts on issues that we will have to consider for G4HE such as sustainability.

The next steps will be for our technical team to liaise with the team at IRIOS-2 about their platform and technical approach and see if there is a useful crossover, and to have a look at the IRIOS-2 raw data and see how it differs from the data in GtR. The team from Evidence Base will also follow up with IRIOS-2 about the evaluation process and lessons learned and also whether there are any measurable differences between the two projects, for example time/cost savings or changes in workflow due to the IRIOS-2 project being prior to GtR.

The slides from Kevin and Paul’s presentation can be viewed here. 



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