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G4HE Development Plan

With the use case evaluation and validation complete, and examination of the GtR data underway,  we are fast approaching the development stage of our project, where we will begin to build tools and services to support the use cases using data from the GtR API. The development stage of the project is being led by Cottage Labs.

There are two main areas of development that are of interest to the community:

  1. Collaborations – use cases around reports on who institutions are working with, or should be working with, and the values of those collaborations
  2. Benchmarking – use cases around reports on groups of individuals (both within and across institutions) providing comparisons on available vector

The initial plan (which may be subject to change depending on the quality of the GtR data) is to focus on the collaborations use cases to begin with as the core use case is a collaborations report, with many of the others building on that foundation. We will then move on to address the benchmarking use cases.

We are hoping to commence work on this stage of the project within the next couple of weeks. You can read the full development plan here.


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