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G4HE Development begins!

Last week, the team from Cottage Labs met in sunny Edinburgh to kick off the first ‘sprint’ of the G4HE development. This phase of the project will be broken down into two-week stages or ‘sprints,’ during which the development team will work towards specific goals established during the previous sprint.

A test user group has been set up which will consist of our ARMA volunteers, the G4HE project team and any other individuals who would like to be involved. At the end of each sprint, any new development will be pushed to a demo server and the test users notified so they can have a go with the software and let the project team know any feedback.  Once a week we will have a regular sprint meeting which will provide a forum for discussing feedback from the test user group and establishing the next steps.

Throughout the development stage, the team at Evidence Base will be liaising with the test user group (via our communications coordinator) to get feedback on the evaluation side of the project.

You can read the full details of the development testing plan here. If you think you would like to be part of our test user group and help us with our development and evaluation, you can contact Bex, our G4HE communications coordinator by emailing bex(at)cottagelabs(dot)com.


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