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G4HE presentation at ARMA 2013 Conference

Next week, the G4HE team will be presenting at the ARMA (Association of Research Managers and Administrators) Conference in Nottingham. We’ll be presenting in one of the breakout sessions on Wednesday 12th June.

Breakout session 404: Gateway to Research for HE (G4HE) 

The G4HE project aims to engage with the BIS-funded RCUK Gateway to Research (GtR) initiative to improve the information exchange between HEIs and the Research Councils. The project will develop tools and interfaces to allow both human and machine access to data held on GtR, and elsewhere where that is required. The tools and interfaces will be based on validated use-cases shown to have specific and demonstrable value to HEIs, and will be subject to robust assurance on both quality and sustainability criteria. The use cases will be used to prioritise which data improvements should be addressed and what value this delivers for universities.

The presentation will update the members on the current progress including findings on the completeness and accuracy of the data held by GtR, the outcomes of the prioritisation exercise, and progress on the development of the use-cases.

We will be providing an overview of the project including:

  • Aims of the G4HE project
  • Introduction to GTR (Gateway to Research)
  • Use cases
  • Challenges and opportunities

We’ll also be taking the opportunity to find out more about what information institutions currently gather in relation to research collaborations and get an idea of how they may use the tools being developed through G4HE.


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