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Weekly round-up 09/08/2013

This week’s project meeting centered mainly around the project communications, which are becoming critically important as the deadline is only a few months away.

There was a lot of discussion around the Engagement event, with the conversation moving towards the idea of running this as a webinar, perhaps in the run-up to a larger event later in the year. Prior to these events, a sustained and targeted communications campaign will be run to generate interest in both the event, and the project in general.

In addition, we talked a lot about the potential format for a larger, cross-project event and whether this would be run by Jisc or the Research Councils. There needs to be further discussion on this subject, which will be covered in next week’s communications meeting.

Technically, the project has made good progress this week, with the collaborations report being tested by our volunteer user group and feedback beginning to come in.  Work also began on the benchmarking report, which will be available for testing as soon as it is complete.

If you would like to have a go at generating a collaborations report, this screencast shows you how – let us know how you get on via this blog or by contacting bex at cottagelabs dot com.


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