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G4HE is a Jisc-led project with the aim of improving access for HEIs to information held by the Research Councils, by giving something useful in return for all the effort that goes into creating, maintaining, and collecting this research information. We use the BIS-funded RCUK Gateway to Research API to retrieve the data they collect from institutional research management systems like Research Fish and ROS.

We are also developing recommendations for how to improve the administrative and technical aspects of the task of harvesting research information.

Use Cases

We decided what this service should do by asking people within the sector what sorts of things they needed, and by working out how we could prove there was a demonstrable value in doing so. The following use cases made it on to our shortlist:

  • Report to senior management about key collaborations within our grant portfolio, so we can identify institutions with whom to build partnerships
  • See who we are collaborating with in particular fields, and find other institutions in the same field that we are not already collaborating with
  • See number and value of collaborations with commercial partners to get an idea of the value and extent of our knowledge transfer activities – which is useful for internal and external (e.g. HE-BCI) reporting
  • Benchmark funding awarded between groups of researchers at my institution with groups at other institutions to ensure that we are performing at the expected level
  • See how much a department has brought in because it helps me show the success of our research groups

We are currently working with a range of institutions and research community groups to collect further feedback for guiding the development of our service;  if there is something else you would like to be able to do with research data, or if you don’t think we have properly met our community needs, then please feel free to contact us via the form below, or through our Google Group. If you would like to help us test the tools as they are developed, please let us know.


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